Why Three Essay Format is Better

While carrying out a research based study and inscribing a dissertation report based on the same, majorly two types of format are generally used across several academic and research institutions across the world. For just a moment, leaving apart the aspects of the formatting part, if quality articles cannot be produced from a research based dissertation, then in that case the relevance of the dissertation is reduced to a great extent. Therefore, it is always the responsibility of a researcher to bring out quality journal articles from a dissertation. Effectiveness and efficiency of bringing out quality articles from a dissertation depends on how a researcher has formatted the entire dissertation work. For that reason, the formatting part of a dissertation plays a very crucial role in the future publication process.

There are mainly two types of dissertation formats being followed in academic institutions across the world. First one is the chapter-wise format, and the second one is the three essay format. Now breaking, joining, and reformatting the chapters into the form a journal article may turn out to be a tedious task, and in times, it may not be prove out to be a useful one. Compared to this, three-essay format is a pretty straightforward method. Under preview of this format, researchers have to inscribe three extensive research papers, based on three particular research questions. Now, when the question comes to publication, researchers do not need to write papers separately for journals, as they have readymade dissertation chapters, in the form of papers. In this way, the researchers can focus on their research questions in a more distinctive manner, as one chapter will consist of one paper, and that paper will focus on one research question only. Therefore, chances of overlapping or replicating the results turn out to be lower that the former format.

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