Are You Suffering from Writer’s Block?

Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite:
“Fool!” said my muse to me, “look in thy heart, and write.”
― Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella

We all dream to be prolific writers!! At least those who are on the academic journey wish so hard that they could be quick at writing and  it would come to  them easily and smoothly. Do you think this skill is something we are born with? I say it has got more to do with managing every moment of your writing journey and mind you, managing only that moment!  Not the one that has passed or the one that is yet to come. I don’t mean to say that writing is cake walk. It isn’t an easy task, apart from calling for intellectual challenges; it requires the courage to expose you to a jungle of harsh audiences.


 The fear of failure, the feeling is product of a series of external and internal stimuli that we have been exposed to. There are ways to boost our productivity and the first and foremost thing required is reduce or minimize your fears and work to strengthen your capacities and capabilities in a way that you do not give scope to fear in the future to come in the way of your output.

 What is the way to minimize the fear?   Begin with penning down all your fears. Write all your fears and anxieties; begin with the ones that generally associate with life and then narrow down to the   ones that are specific to writing. It is a free expression activity so give you a break from perfection in grammar, spellings and typographical perfection. Take your time and write almost anything and everything that comes to your mind. The outcome you would get would surprise you and I can bet with you on that.

After having done that, give an objective perspective to what you have written. It is magical and you can’t feel the magic till you do not try it. It is that simply writing down the fears is a way to alleviate them, If not all, most of them. You just need to surface them up and bring them out and VOILA!! They vanish.

Address your fears and then get onto writing freely and fearlessly. This is just the beginning, the initiative to get rid of  the writer’s block and your progress on the journey of becoming a prolific writer.   Remember that as a child, what you wrote did not matter as much as the feeling of fulfilment of having written something. Get that same fearless feeling. What are you waiting for now? Open up your journal!!

4 thoughts on “Are You Suffering from Writer’s Block?

  1. Berry

    they say, pen is mightier than the sword and writing is a way to actually get through in any case

  2. Mahima

    Exactly until and unless we become fearless and let our mind wander in an unrestricted manner, we cannot fight writer’s block.


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