How enrolling in a PhD programme transformed the life of Derek?

The doctorate degree is the highest academic degree that one can obtain. If it isn’t life changing then how do you justify its importance and relevance? It takes long term hard work and resilience to get a PhD degree and all the scholars know that it will undoubtedly enhance their academic and research based skills. It equips researchers to look into new emerging problems and solve them with a more logical perspective. But Derek feels that other than these skill enrichments, doing a doctoral degree transformed his life is many other dimensions. Some of them are:

1. His opinions and suggestions became more impactful: Derek feels that in his job as a research analyst, his PhD prepared him to transform his impact on the industry in a very unique way. His analysis and suggestions became more logical and based on substantive research grounds making him more confident of his analysis and the subsequent suggestions.

2. He qualified for a significant jump at work: His Company identified that he had harnessed effective decision making skills and that was the key specialisations needed at the top level positions. His PhD journey allowed him to explore his horizons and develop the ability to take decisions faster and more accurate, it opened the avenue for him to jump on a higher pedestal much faster.

3. He had a much wider professional network: Derek had a part time PhD course but the duration of the course and the rigorous involvement it calls for, required him to a have a strong professional network that became his support system. This network did not end with the end of the course but became a strong resource base that helped him at different junctures of his PhD journey.

4. His financial strength improved: The reason he took up PhD is, because he wanted to increase his earnings. The jump in the career and a better position in the organisation helped him to improve his income and in addition to that, he became a freelance consultant to increase his sources of income. It was an icing on the cake.

So, if you still have second thoughts about pursuing your PhD, this should be inspirational enough to make you realize how a PhD can change your life for good. Don’t wait now as decisions when delayed, become shaky and uncertain.

A Good Coach Could Be a Blessing

Are you one among those students who want to write but face difficulties in putting your idea on paper? If yes, then you should try to find a right coach at the right time. The right coach at this crucial time of writing your dissertation could come as a blessing. No matter whether you are a student, scholar or researcher struggling with writing, your coach could help you to be a good writer.

He can help you in putting your innovative thoughts on paper in a logical manner. He can further help you to find the right words to frame the right sentence.

If by chance, you make any mistake in your writing, like many writers using derogatory statements about a racial or ethnic or religious group , your coach could guide you and stop you in writing the same.

A right coach hence could be a big helping hand for those pursuing research in social science. He could help out researchers in structuring their content in a logical flow. Also he can help them to write the citations accurately.

Hence those facing the challenges of writing should definitely get a coach to avoid any problem in research writing. They should get coached in writing without delay. There are many specialists skilled in teaching others on the tips and tricks to write effectively and efficiently. No matter how much the researcher faces problems in writing, the right coach can train them to present their thoughts and ideas in a logical manner.

And eventually, the researchers could benefit from being trained and they can write in a structured and professional manner. The right coach could also give a chance to researchers to do some self analysis. This can help them to understand what their strong and weak points are. So they will be knowing what kind of help they need and can eventually ask for it.

Why should one avail professional help in dissertation writing?

Post-doctorate students do a lot of research plus writing work but sometimes they lack in proper writing skills, time or resources. This makes them take the professional help in writing their thesis. Not just the written part, one needs to understand the depth of each topic so much so as to include in the dissertation. The experienced academic writers have been working for a long time and can understand the pattern to be followed easily. They are grammatically very strong and provide you the original content. The complexity of your work will be at ease with their assistance. The main problem one faces is to find the perfect service system which would help. In this technology era, this help saves time and you get an opportunity to work with new guides or professors. You can choose your own tutor and writer based on reviews to work for you.

What is the procedure if you seek professional help?
Following few steps are followed to give students professional assistance for their ease and comfort.

Firstly, you mention the selected topic and the research team starts working on it. All the guidelines set by you would be followed. The work is customized according to your needs.

Secondly, the team searches from reliable sources so you may not worry about the root of the topic. A reference sheet will be given to you at the end for convenience. They have ample of knowledge which will help to cover all the key points.

Thirdly, after the material is finalized, it will go for editing and proofreading. There would be a separate team for it and hence, the best quality work is being done for you.

Fourthly, the work would undergo a grammar check and then plagiarism. The writers write all the reports in a flawless manner as they have expertise in it. It means you would get 100% authentic content in a proper writing style.

Finally, you will be asked to revise the report and ask for any kind of editing you want. This will help you with the better understanding of the topics written and covered. You can revise the work easily by taking your time.

A free quote can be obtained by giving all your details of the subject, topics, and pages to be written, formatting style to be followed. You can get your work tailored in the best possible manner. 50% payment is done with the submission of the topic. Rest 50% is done after you are done with the revision of the submitted report. The work is submitted by the provided deadline as time matters to every writer and student.

Many service providers have 24*7 live chat systems to ease students in every part of the world. These are affordable paid services and one should always read the feedbacks, see the samples and then join whichever provider suits you.

When Do You Need a Coach for Your Dissertation?

As you are new to research and also doing it for the first time you may face a lot of glitches in your way.. Accepting the fact that you are very intelligent as you are enrolled in the highest degree of education but, still your journey towards doctorate is not sure to be smooth. Thus, to excel in your research and write an appreciating dissertation you need an expert guidance throughout. So, let’s bradawl out the steps when you need a coach for your dissertation –

Note – PhD starts from choosing a topic for research to submitting your dissertation and preparing for the viva, thus, coaching can be high on demand at any point in this expedition.

  • You are in need of guidance, if you are incompetent in deciding an eye catching and worthy topic for your research. Your coach will make you familiar with countless work on topic and will help you in choosing a unique and different one.
  • If you are stuck at the point of framing your dissertation, your subject expert coach will guide you in collecting concise yet comprehensive matter and presenting it on paper in a systematic and synchronized manner.
  • You may face difficulty from a technical point of view where data collection and its calculation becomes a tricky task for you. Thus, a proficient statistician will steer you towards an affluent computation of data’s collected in your research.
  • Although you are good in language still professional touch is something that is never devoid of positive reception. Thus, your dissertation may need editing, proofreading and formatting once it is completed in order to make it flawless.
  • You have to face a panel of subject matter expert in your Viva who are diligent enough to catch you at any hiccup. Thus, a PhD coach is necessary in preparing for Viva in a connoisseur and expected way of presentation.

Thus, above mentioned points are those where you need a coach for your dissertation.

How Is Research Ethics Helpful?

Ethics are referred to as that basic code of conduct which demarcates the tolerable and intolerable modes. Although it is a principle which is mainly learned during childhood either from parents or from teachers yet many people don’t take it seriously in their real life. It hardly matters how genius you are and how good you scored in your academics, but if you are ethically disturbed nothing will work out for you.

Ethics are necessary in every field whether it is your personal concern or professional matters. Ethics in research are an inevitable apprehension. Let’s have a look at what exactly research ethical means and how it helps in achieving the real sense of research? –

  • Work Honestly – Working and presenting plagiarized matter is extremely easy, but at the end it means nothing. So, you should work honestly by presenting real data’s and content, your matter should not be falsified, fake or erroneous.
  • Be trustworthy – Your university has given you a chance to pursue your doctorate among thousands so you should be trustworthy towards it. You should never use any unfair means for your first hand research paper and should not sell it out just for a few bugs.
  • Be Objective – Avoid preconceived notion before writing your paper. Focus on the objective of your research and work on real data analysis, experimentation, interpretation and other forms of research. Curtail biases or disclosure of your own data’s.
  • Be careful – Be aware and alert while writing your paper. Avoid blundering and carefully analyze your and others work too, as you can learn much by observing. Keep a back up of all your work may it be data collection or result interpretation.
  • Be helpful – You should be open to guide others and help them in case they are stuck. You can mentor and guide your fellow scholars in their research.

Hence, these were some basic ethics in research that can help you in presenting and maintaining your research integrity.

Are You Suffering from Writer’s Block?

Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite:
“Fool!” said my muse to me, “look in thy heart, and write.”
― Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella

We all dream to be prolific writers!! At least those who are on the academic journey wish so hard that they could be quick at writing and  it would come to  them easily and smoothly. Do you think this skill is something we are born with? I say it has got more to do with managing every moment of your writing journey and mind you, managing only that moment!  Not the one that has passed or the one that is yet to come. I don’t mean to say that writing is cake walk. It isn’t an easy task, apart from calling for intellectual challenges; it requires the courage to expose you to a jungle of harsh audiences.


 The fear of failure, the feeling is product of a series of external and internal stimuli that we have been exposed to. There are ways to boost our productivity and the first and foremost thing required is reduce or minimize your fears and work to strengthen your capacities and capabilities in a way that you do not give scope to fear in the future to come in the way of your output.

 What is the way to minimize the fear?   Begin with penning down all your fears. Write all your fears and anxieties; begin with the ones that generally associate with life and then narrow down to the   ones that are specific to writing. It is a free expression activity so give you a break from perfection in grammar, spellings and typographical perfection. Take your time and write almost anything and everything that comes to your mind. The outcome you would get would surprise you and I can bet with you on that.

After having done that, give an objective perspective to what you have written. It is magical and you can’t feel the magic till you do not try it. It is that simply writing down the fears is a way to alleviate them, If not all, most of them. You just need to surface them up and bring them out and VOILA!! They vanish.

Address your fears and then get onto writing freely and fearlessly. This is just the beginning, the initiative to get rid of  the writer’s block and your progress on the journey of becoming a prolific writer.   Remember that as a child, what you wrote did not matter as much as the feeling of fulfilment of having written something. Get that same fearless feeling. What are you waiting for now? Open up your journal!!

Are You Looking at This Blog Because You Are Overwhelmed with You PhD?

As it is explanatory in the title, you may have chosen to look at this blog because you are feeling sad or low by your PhD. The stress of you PhD has overwhelmed you, where depression, anxiety, self-doubt and, burnout are taking over the confidence, talent and brightness of your personality.

I often feel that irrespective of the discipline or the university chronic unhappiness has been as an integral part of most of the PhD candidates. Why does this happen and what can we do about it?

To start with, there are various topics that bring in sadness to PhD students. Some commonly found mistakes can be:

• Ill-defined topics
• Incomplete data sets
• Un cooperative supervisors
• Un constructive, de motivating feedback
• Financial Challenges
• Fear of outcome and result of the hard work

Should these problems in PhD be big enough to lead to failure or fraud or let it affect the physical and mental health of the scholars? What about those students who enjoy writing a PhD. Are they different or do they work differently?

I want to say that though there is a great role played by universities in helping their students, but eventually the solution has to come from the end of the student only. Rather than giving the regular expected tips here, I want to end by saying that, we can actually look around and learn from each other instead of wanting to every time reinvent the PhD wheel of wisdom. Become honest to yourself and accept that it is fine to ask for help. Maintain your sanity, irrespective of the help you get from your university. I really hope that when we complete our PhD’s we are able to look back and say that despite being tough it was a good experience and you would do it all over again rather that thinking “Thank God it’s over!!”

Tips for Writing a Dissertation Effectively

A doctoral dissertation is a work of research that has been submitted for getting a degree. Once you have got your notes, it is time to start writing your dissertation. However, there are certain steps to be taken in order to write a dissertation effectively. Here they are.

Find your style

You will have read a lot of works during your dissertation. So, before you begin to write your dissertation, make sure you select a good academic work to include as a reference in your work. Consider the different techniques the various authors have used in their works and consider applying them to your own work. Study the different structures in the various works of authors and work out as to how the arguments have been presented. Sub-headings are a useful way to break up your work. Avoid repeating things in your work just because you want to fill it up with words.

Structuring sentences

It is important to include points that would go to support your research work and also to give it a proper structure. It is a common mistake to think that just because a sentence is long, it sounds clever. It is important to remember that each word has a meaning of its own and the sentences in your dissertation would, therefore, need to be crisp and short so that it does not become difficult for people to go through it.

Perfect your bibliography

When you are about to write your dissertation, make sure you have collected enough number of materials. Some should be primary sources, while the others need to be secondary sources. Find out the different referencing styles and how to write your dissertation using them. Each university will have a different style of writing the bibliography and yours’ will tell you which style they follow.

Writing a Proposal for a Strategic Management Dissertation

Students who wish to do a dissertation in strategic management first need to write a proposal for the project which they need to submit to the university board. Only when the board approves it will they get the funding and the resources to go ahead with the project. So what do they need to do to write a compelling proposal?

First the students need to write an introduction about the origins of strategic management and its relevance in the business world of today. They should also discuss the changes that are taking place in the business environment they are examining.

They should then write the problems that the business environment is facing with regard to strategic management. There will be more than one problem, and it is a good idea if the writers were to list all the problems either in the form of bullet points or in the form of a number list.

From this the content should lead to the questions that the researchers intend to examine over the course of their investigation. The questions should be stated very clearly with no room for ambiguity. They should state the depth of analysis that they intend to do, the controls and feedback mechanisms they will be looking at, and the systems they will be surveying. Leadership traits, organisation culture and internal control mechanisms all play an important role in a project of this nature and it is essential to list them all carefully.

The main objectives of the research might be only three or four, and they need to be listed before writing the significance of the study and how it will help organizations manage their operations better. Some studies will be large in scope encompassing a vast organization or many organizations across an entire industry. Others might be small and focused in nature devoting their attention to just one aspect of an operation. The students need to clarify this as well.

Importance of Learning to Write

There are many students, scholars and researchers who struggle with writing. They have many thoughts in their head and ideas that they want to implement, but they are unable to put all of them down on paper. They do not know the right words to choose and they do not know the right sentences to select.

Many writers, either intentionally or unintentionally, end up making derogatory statements about a racial or ethnic or religious group which causes them to get into trouble. This can particularly be a problem when one is doing research in the social sciences. Some researchers have a problem structuring their content in a logical flow, and there are others who have a problem presenting citations accurately.

In order to avoid such problems it would be a good idea if the researchers were to get coached in writing. There are specialists out there who are skilled in teaching others how to write and train them to present their thoughts and ideas in a logical manner.

Researchers would greatly benefit from being trained to write in a structured and professional manner. The researchers can do some self analysis and try to understand what their strong points and what their weak points are. This will give them an idea as to exactly what kind of help they need and then ask for it.

The scholars would also benefit from having access to the latest manuals on writing, formatting and citations. Armed with all this knowledge they can then go on to produce any type of content in any field of academics that they want to work in. Writing is one skill that will stay with the researchers, students and scholars for the rest of their lives and display its importance from time to time.