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Can a Topic Sentence or a Dissertation Statement be a Question rather than a Declarative Sentence?

Varun was conducting his research in the business management domain. Everything was going well in the initial days but then came the dissertation writing process. Varun had successfully chosen a unique and authentic research topic. The next step was to determine what exactly he wanted to know about it. He then tried generating possible research […]

Literature review: When blood turns into ink

T.S. Eliot says, “The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink”. Logically, it is possible when something comprehensive, contextual and collaborative is presented at a single platform, and so is the ‘literature review’ in any dissertation. To have a clearer concept about the term, let’s go through Harts’ definition, “A literature review is […]

A Good Coach Could Be a Blessing

Are you one among those students who want to write but face difficulties in putting your idea on paper? If yes, then you should try to find a right coach at the right time. The right coach at this crucial time of writing your dissertation could come as a blessing. No matter whether you are […]

How Is Research Ethics Helpful?

Ethics are referred to as that basic code of conduct which demarcates the tolerable and intolerable modes. Although it is a principle which is mainly learned during childhood either from parents or from teachers yet many people don’t take it seriously in their real life. It hardly matters how genius you are and how good […]