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3 tips to beat procrastination and save your inundating PhD dissertation

You may go weak on your knees just by the idea of writing the dissertation. To add more to this, how about folding the sleeves and getting ready to plunge into the writing process but you start twitching and your hands get paralyzed? Nothing can be more terrifying experience than this. More often, research scholars fall victim of a writer’s block (especially at crunch time). While there are various forms of writer’s block, most common ones include stress, anxiety, perfectionism, and procrastination. Among all others, procrastination is considered as the major writer’s block. Procrastination is nothing but putting off writing task unless it is too late. “Procrastinating is a vice when it comes to productivity, but it can be a virtue for creativity” – A Grant. 

Some of the reasons that lead to procrastination are:

  • Fear of failure –  If one is afraid that the writing isn’t going to turn out well, then he/she avoids working on it to circumvent that fear of failure.
  • Fear of success –  Some fear that if they will turn workaholic if they start working at their full capacity and envision hunching over the computer. Such kind of procrastinator assumes that by working hard they will turn cold towards people and lose their valuable relationship. 
  • Fear of losing autonomy – People who believe that ‘I am my own person’ delay the writing task just to have their control over the situation and to maintain their independence. 

Whether these fears arise from conscious or subconscious, it keeps you away from the course of action and paralyzes you at the nick of time. Are you one of the procrastinators? Do not mope! We have enlisted few proven hacks that can help you get back to work.

  1. Develop a mind map – This may sound a little crazy, but you can forge ahead without even writing a single word in your dissertation. This is done through mind map and the basic idea here is to organise the information visually. To create a mind map, first of all note down the subject, include its aspects around, draw a line for each piece of information and continue it by radiating outwards.
  2. Cognitive restructuring – You might want your dissertation to look impeccable. But the truth is, a complete dissertation is the best dissertation. Your need not include perfect words in the very first time; you can go back and revise. Although leaving back the idea perfection is not easy, leaving behind this thought and completing the rough draft will help get through the writing task and relieve you from the writing pressure.section and start writing it. Complete just one piece a day; there is no need to hurry if you are with the writing process in the early stage. Tip: It is better to allot dates/deadlines for the completion of each section in a PhD planner sought of diary. The planner not just lets you record your queries, maintain the data collected you have collected, etc but also guides you in crafting each section and can serve as your greatest PhD writing coach
  3. Break it down – As per most experienced PhD dissertation consultants in US, it is advisable to break your dissertation into the smallest possible bits. By doing this, you need not worry about the gigantic dissertation. You can concentrate only on a piece of

Improve Your Writing Ability With Expert PhD Consultants

Every student in their graduation and post-graduation years is required to write many assignments, essays, projects, dissertations and thesis. Not only writing but also to acquire good grades in the assignments is important for success in their course. Getting good grades will further help to build a good CV for their professional career.

However, writing a good essay or dissertation is a tiresome work for students since it takes a lot of skill and practice. But with appropriate guidance from their professor or consultants, one can improve his write-up very easily. The importance of writing good quality essays and articles has gained significance at present because these are the days of strong competition everywhere, and schools and colleges are no exception. This has left students with no other choice rather than making all the efforts to write an error-free essay if he is really serious about good grades and dream job as well.

At present, universities across the globe focus greatly on helping students to develop and improve their writing ability. They mostly focus on essay writing tips and guidelines for students. The main reason why students are assigned with article writing, homework and dissertations because these give the students an in-depth understanding about the subject matter enabling them to apply theoretical concepts into practical scenario. But sometimes this regular assistance provided by professors seems less to guide some students for writing quality articles. They require extra help and guidance for understanding the basics and formats of essays and dissertation. For such students PhD consultants in the US can be a great help and result oriented.

Students can improve their abilities to write quality and error-free articles by seeking help from PhD consultants. Writing good quality essays and dissertation is an art and with help and guidance from experts of essay writing one can give a good shape to his write-up and thus improve his grades. There are a number of online tutors available in the Internet. Students can seek their professional help to enhance their writing skills. There are sites which provide online tutoring service 24×7 facilitating students to interact with tutors anytime and from anywhere.

Interactions with PhD consultants will make students comfortable with their assignments and as a result, they will be able to finish their assignment on time and with better marks. Students can discuss their dissertation, topic of their dissertation etc with their PhD consultants and thus can improve their thinking and writing ability. This will further help students to maintain healthy competition with other students.

Can you write a PhD dissertation in merely 3 months?

It is not new to see a lot of researchers quitting after having struggled hard with their PhD. It isn’t easy to be motivated each morning with the constant stress to that comes up with research and its activities, and this can actually take a toll on your personal wellbeing and health. it pushes scholars against the wall and pressurizes them to work no further and just give up.

Let me tell you, if you have it in you, in precisely three months or even lesser, you can bring out your PhD dissertation. You wouldn’t believe it unless you read the tricks to do it:

  • Become seasoned at managing stress: When your nerves wreck, that is the time not to give up. It is rather the time to pick up yourself so that you can put yourself in the right frame of mind to deal with the problem in a better and more efficient manner. By a simple act of not engaging in worthless activities and letting them augment your stress levels, you can actually save your PhD.
  • Give yourself a time phase to work: If you lose your focus from finishing the work in the stipulated time, it may become chaotic for you to handle. Set yourself a timeline. All the better if your supervisor does it for you. Ensure that you do not procrastinate and no further delays creep in with your set deadlines.
  • Be more precise and definite with your decision: After having scheduled up your time frame, you would have to some tough decisions and stick by them. Make yourself tough decisions by deciding to not do multiple things at the same time and vice versa. Your determination would show results, and small achievements would become a gateway to greater accomplishments.
  • Writing should be an exclusive task: Your research should be done before you get onto the task of writing. You must be done with all the preliminary work that is research and your mandatory publications. Never try to do them simultaneously, else you all get jumbled up and lose focus, and it is always easier to write when your fundamentals and raw materials are in place.

I am sure, by now you know that with some determination and consistency in performance. If your focus is at the right place, it isn’t difficult to write your dissertation in as less as three months. Get set and go….!!


Can a Topic Sentence or a Dissertation Statement be a Question rather than a Declarative Sentence?

Varun was conducting his research in the business management domain. Everything was going well in the initial days but then came the dissertation writing process. Varun had successfully chosen a unique and authentic research topic. The next step was to determine what exactly he wanted to know about it. He then tried generating possible research questions that were relevant to his research. Varun knew that the dissertation statement forms a crucial ‘road map’ for his research as the statement provides readers with the aim and objective of the research. Once the required materials and layout were ready, Varun started with the dissertation writing process. While writing the dissertation, he noticed that a dissertation statement was declarative. He was curious to know if the statement can be a question instead of a declarative sentence. He decided to find the answer to this question and Consulted a PhD writing coach.

The writing coach cleared Varun’s doubt and stated, the dissertation statement needs to be a declarative sentence. However, the topic sentences can be in the form of a question. According to the writer,

a) Dissertation statements:- A dissertation statement answers each of the research questions and acts a clear point or claim to support the dissertation. Since the statement acts as an essential conclusion of the dissertation, it should not be written in the form of a question. To write a dissertation statement, first of all,  the main research question must be asked, and then the answer to the question must be written as a complete sentence. This answer forms the dissertation statement.

b) Topic sentences:- Unlike dissertation statements, topic sentences can be in the form of a question. Now the question is, ‘what is a topic sentence.’ As per the writer offering PhD dissertation coaching service, a topic sentence is a single sentence that presents the main point of a paragraph. It behaves as a dissertation statement for a particular paragraph, gives a brief idea to the reader about what that paragraph is about and explains how the paragraph will discuss the specific topic. Another critical function of a topic sentence is to prove the dissertation statement and to mention the order of the content of a paragraph and. This way, it will help you write a dissertation in an organised and smooth manner avoiding sudden or illogical jump. Not just this, it will also help the reader to understand the research idea/concept in a clear manner.

Take immense care while writing the dissertation statement and supporting the topic sentence as they map out your dissertation. If you need some assistance in writing dissertation statements/topic sentences/entire dissertation, then get in touch with an adroit team of writers providing PhD dissertation coaching service.


Why should one avail professional help in dissertation writing?

Post-doctorate students do a lot of research plus writing work but sometimes they lack in proper writing skills, time or resources. This makes them take the professional help in writing their thesis. Not just the written part, one needs to understand the depth of each topic so much so as to include in the dissertation. The experienced academic writers have been working for a long time and can understand the pattern to be followed easily. They are grammatically very strong and provide you the original content. The complexity of your work will be at ease with their assistance. The main problem one faces is to find the perfect service system which would help. In this technology era, this help saves time and you get an opportunity to work with new guides or professors. You can choose your own tutor and writer based on reviews to work for you.

What is the procedure if you seek professional help?
Following few steps are followed to give students professional assistance for their ease and comfort.

Firstly, you mention the selected topic and the research team starts working on it. All the guidelines set by you would be followed. The work is customized according to your needs.

Secondly, the team searches from reliable sources so you may not worry about the root of the topic. A reference sheet will be given to you at the end for convenience. They have ample of knowledge which will help to cover all the key points.

Thirdly, after the material is finalized, it will go for editing and proofreading. There would be a separate team for it and hence, the best quality work is being done for you.

Fourthly, the work would undergo a grammar check and then plagiarism. The writers write all the reports in a flawless manner as they have expertise in it. It means you would get 100% authentic content in a proper writing style.

Finally, you will be asked to revise the report and ask for any kind of editing you want. This will help you with the better understanding of the topics written and covered. You can revise the work easily by taking your time.

A free quote can be obtained by giving all your details of the subject, topics, and pages to be written, formatting style to be followed. You can get your work tailored in the best possible manner. 50% payment is done with the submission of the topic. Rest 50% is done after you are done with the revision of the submitted report. The work is submitted by the provided deadline as time matters to every writer and student.

Many service providers have 24*7 live chat systems to ease students in every part of the world. These are affordable paid services and one should always read the feedbacks, see the samples and then join whichever provider suits you.

When Do You Need a Coach for Your Dissertation?

As you are new to research and also doing it for the first time you may face a lot of glitches in your way.. Accepting the fact that you are very intelligent as you are enrolled in the highest degree of education but, still your journey towards doctorate is not sure to be smooth. Thus, to excel in your research and write an appreciating dissertation you need an expert guidance throughout. So, let’s bradawl out the steps when you need a coach for your dissertation –

Note – PhD starts from choosing a topic for research to submitting your dissertation and preparing for the viva, thus, coaching can be high on demand at any point in this expedition.

  • You are in need of guidance, if you are incompetent in deciding an eye catching and worthy topic for your research. Your coach will make you familiar with countless work on topic and will help you in choosing a unique and different one.
  • If you are stuck at the point of framing your dissertation, your subject expert coach will guide you in collecting concise yet comprehensive matter and presenting it on paper in a systematic and synchronized manner.
  • You may face difficulty from a technical point of view where data collection and its calculation becomes a tricky task for you. Thus, a proficient statistician will steer you towards an affluent computation of data’s collected in your research.
  • Although you are good in language still professional touch is something that is never devoid of positive reception. Thus, your dissertation may need editing, proofreading and formatting once it is completed in order to make it flawless.
  • You have to face a panel of subject matter expert in your Viva who are diligent enough to catch you at any hiccup. Thus, a PhD coach is necessary in preparing for Viva in a connoisseur and expected way of presentation.

Thus, above mentioned points are those where you need a coach for your dissertation.

Writing a Proposal for a Strategic Management Dissertation

Students who wish to do a dissertation in strategic management first need to write a proposal for the project which they need to submit to the university board. Only when the board approves it will they get the funding and the resources to go ahead with the project. So what do they need to do to write a compelling proposal?

First the students need to write an introduction about the origins of strategic management and its relevance in the business world of today. They should also discuss the changes that are taking place in the business environment they are examining.

They should then write the problems that the business environment is facing with regard to strategic management. There will be more than one problem, and it is a good idea if the writers were to list all the problems either in the form of bullet points or in the form of a number list.

From this the content should lead to the questions that the researchers intend to examine over the course of their investigation. The questions should be stated very clearly with no room for ambiguity. They should state the depth of analysis that they intend to do, the controls and feedback mechanisms they will be looking at, and the systems they will be surveying. Leadership traits, organisation culture and internal control mechanisms all play an important role in a project of this nature and it is essential to list them all carefully.

The main objectives of the research might be only three or four, and they need to be listed before writing the significance of the study and how it will help organizations manage their operations better. Some studies will be large in scope encompassing a vast organization or many organizations across an entire industry. Others might be small and focused in nature devoting their attention to just one aspect of an operation. The students need to clarify this as well.