Can a Topic Sentence or a Dissertation Statement be a Question rather than a Declarative Sentence?

Varun was conducting his research in the business management domain. Everything was going well in the initial days but then came the dissertation writing process. Varun had successfully chosen a unique and authentic research topic. The next step was to determine what exactly he wanted to know about it. He then tried generating possible research questions that were relevant to his research. Varun knew that the dissertation statement forms a crucial ‘road map’ for his research as the statement provides readers with the aim and objective of the research. Once the required materials and layout were ready, Varun started with the dissertation writing process. While writing the dissertation, he noticed that a dissertation statement was declarative. He was curious to know if the statement can be a question instead of a declarative sentence. He decided to find the answer to this question and Consulted a PhD writing coach.

The writing coach cleared Varun’s doubt and stated, the dissertation statement needs to be a declarative sentence. However, the topic sentences can be in the form of a question. According to the writer,

a) Dissertation statements:- A dissertation statement answers each of the research questions and acts a clear point or claim to support the dissertation. Since the statement acts as an essential conclusion of the dissertation, it should not be written in the form of a question. To write a dissertation statement, first of all,  the main research question must be asked, and then the answer to the question must be written as a complete sentence. This answer forms the dissertation statement.

b) Topic sentences:- Unlike dissertation statements, topic sentences can be in the form of a question. Now the question is, ‘what is a topic sentence.’ As per the writer offering PhD dissertation coaching service, a topic sentence is a single sentence that presents the main point of a paragraph. It behaves as a dissertation statement for a particular paragraph, gives a brief idea to the reader about what that paragraph is about and explains how the paragraph will discuss the specific topic. Another critical function of a topic sentence is to prove the dissertation statement and to mention the order of the content of a paragraph and. This way, it will help you write a dissertation in an organised and smooth manner avoiding sudden or illogical jump. Not just this, it will also help the reader to understand the research idea/concept in a clear manner.

Take immense care while writing the dissertation statement and supporting the topic sentence as they map out your dissertation. If you need some assistance in writing dissertation statements/topic sentences/entire dissertation, then get in touch with an adroit team of writers providing PhD dissertation coaching service.


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  1. Majid

    Is this what I was looking for! I was always wanted to know if a dissertation statement can be declarative. Your article cleared my doubt.


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