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PhD Dissertation Coaching Services

When pursuing the doctoral course, you need to take all steps that boost your abilities and grades. Professional PhD Dissertation Coaching in US is a great way to take your dissertation many notches higher.

Coaching is different from consulting because it is a longer and more systematic process, where I guide you on developing research skills and conducting research surveys and analysis, rather than just working on a specific problem or solving your queries.

Coaching Process

The interactive and one-on-one PhD Dissertation Coaching process that is followed entails the following steps:

  • UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM: The first and foremost step is in-depth understanding of all your weak points and problem areas before starting to teach. Accordingly, a coaching schedule is designed, also taking into account your submission deadlines for the research report or dissertation.
  • IMPARTING SKILLS: Once the schedule and problems are chalked out, the real task of sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas begins. This stage comprises of providing information about latest methods for research, tools for analysis, formatting guidelines and presentation techniques. You will also get to learn about using the appropriate voice and tone for academic writing, and doing a critical analysis of the literature references.
  • PROVIDING TOOLS: Besides oral coaching of research techniques, you also get access to latest manuals for dissertation formatting and citing references. This step also involves making you aware of the online and offline database for searching relevant literature for your topic and tools for selecting appropriate methodology.
  • TESTING KNOWLEDGE:  At last, to test the knowledge that you have gained through the coaching, question answer sessions are conducted with mock presentations. Basis this test, the loopholes are corrected to get you high score in your work.

Each stage of this coaching process is accustomed to inhibit research proficiency in you such that you are able to answer all questions related to your topic with ease.

Types of Coaching:

  • URGENT HELP: This is an exclusive PhD Dissertation Coaching Service in US for research projects which have a short deadline. If you are worried about rushing through your work, then this service is the best for you. Quick turnaround of dissertation is ensured through intensive coaching.
  • PROGRESSIVE HELP:  This is a well-planned and step-by-step coaching process that is extended than the previous type, i.e. urgent help. The progressive coaching schedule aims to guide you systematically for each stage of dissertation writing throughout the course. It includes a complete package, starting from selection of topic to concluding your dissertation.
  • SECTION WISE HELP: When you need help for only a portion of the dissertation, then this type of coaching is appropriate. The coaching in this case will be focused and engaging only to the specific section troubling you.

Whatever be the nature of assistance you need, there is an optimum and custom solution for you. Your dissertation work will be a cakewalk by taking guidance from PhD Dissertation Coaching.Start your coaching program by writing to Jennifer.feldman@phdwritingcoach.com.

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