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Dissertation Editing Service

Once you have completed the dissertation documentation, it’s time to polish it according to the norms of the university before submitting it to the review committee.

The probability of making mistakes during documentation is high in such a voluminous and complicated report. To eliminate the chance of submission of an erroneous dissertation, you must opt for professional dissertation editing service to keep a check on language, grammar and formatting front.

Through the dissertation editing help in US, your dissertation is assessed meticulously to remove each error while guaranteeing timely delivery of corrected work. Merely relying on mechanical tools for spell or grammar check do not serve the purpose as they skip on various points like smooth transitions and enhanced clarity of your prose. Hence, I do a manual check of the entire document and give suggestions for improvement. I also ensure that the prescribed formatting style is followed throughout your report amidst the widely used styles like APA, MLA, Turabian, ACS, AMA, Chicago, and Harvard. You must specify the style when placing your order.

Scope of dissertation editing service:

While editing the following aspects are checked:

  • Grammatical mistakes in tenses, verb form, articles, prepositions, modifiers, etc.
  • Spelling and typo error, especially for technical terms and jargons.
  • Structure and layout of the content, sentence formation, as well as paragraph length is checked as a part of layout.
  • Logical flow of content, whereby phrases and sentences are inserted to ensure consistence if there is lack of cohesiveness.
  • Clarity in expression of ideas. Having a great idea, but putting it on paper with ambiguity might not fetch you the desired score.
  • Cultural precision. The content that your dissertation has must not be derogatory to any culture or ethnic group.
  • Originality of matter. Your dissertation document is put through a plagiarism check and you are notified of the result.
  • Citations are checked for uniformity and correctness as per the required style.
  • Accuracy of data analysis, as well as facts and figures mentioned in the report.
  • Graphical presentation of data, including tables, graphs, charts and illustrations is also corrected or commented upon.

Through this comprehensive check, the PhD Editing services in US come with a guarantee of zero language error. To avail the dissertation editing help in US, get in touch and send in your documents.

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